Getting Started

Welcome to Sheet Music Direct, where you can view, buy and print digital sheet music without ever leaving your desk chair! The sheet music you purchase here travels directly from our website, through your computer and to your printer. You'll only need to follow four easy steps to be on your way to having instant digital sheet music. We have outlined these simple steps below to help you create an account and download and print music in minutes.

Step One: Install Scorch

The most important part to downloading and printing your sheet music is installing Sibelius Scorch. Scorch is a plug-in made by the notation software company Sibelius, and it allows you to view and interact with our music. Without this free plug-in, you will not be able to view or print music from Sheet Music Direct.

Download and install Sibelius Scorch

Step Two: Create an Account

In order to purchase and print music at Sheet Music Direct, you'll need to have an online account.

Create your account

Step Three: Test Your Printer

You're almost ready to purchase your sheet music! Due to copyright restrictions, you will only be allowed to print your purchase one time. Because of this, we always suggest doing a test print. Click on any title on Sheet Music Direct, and if you can view it along with the Scorch toolbar immediately above it, that means Scorch has been installed. Click the printer icon found on the Scorch toolbar (attached to the piece you are viewing) to print a preview page.

Test your printer

Step Four: Find, Purchase, and Play

Now that you can successfully view and print a preview from Sheet Music Direct, you are ready to purchase sheet music. Click on a song title to preview a piece you want, and then click Add To Cart (if you want to purchase more music) or click Purchase Now. Since you've already entered all your information, all you need to do is click Complete Order and your sheet music is ready to print.

These steps provide you with the basics on how to get started with Sheet Music Direct. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at